June 22, 2004

RESOURCES: Course Analysis

In addition to the excellent site from Big Dog's Bowl of Biscuits, you might find the following resources useful:
  • How much will this all cost? This interactive web estimate generator from EEI Communications is a fun (!) way to get a ballpark estimate of the cost of a site at the very earliest stages of course development.
  • Process overview. While you're at it, check out some of EEI's excellent content on their multimedia process and web-development process. These are short, simple and graphically interesting...each is a good tool for describing the steps of the process to others in your organization.
  • "Human obstacles." This article from a past issue of ASTD's Learning Circuits describes some of the perceptions and obstacles to overcome when instituting elearning.
Posted by jotz at June 22, 2004 06:23 PM