February 07, 2005

COPYRIGHT: Who Owns Weblog Content?

Interesting story from Information Week on copyright and other legal rights associated with employee blogs and RSS - issues that are likely to crop up more and more often as blogs become more popular.

Confidentiality, ownership, and liability are all significant questions in employee blogs. For example, when an employee is asked to maintain a blog as part of his/her job, it can be seen as a simple work-for-hire situation where the content is owned by the employer, but things get more complicated when employees maintain personal blogs that trade in some way on the employee's status with a company.

The article presents a nice synopsis of these issues, touching a bit less on issues related to RSS, such as aggregators' right to essentially "republish" content through sydication.

(link via slashdot)

Posted by Joanne Tzanis at February 7, 2005 03:27 PM