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Alex does a demonstration for her dad

Sophia & Zoe chow down

Male bonding in the kitchen

Checking out some new toys

Big Yiayia is tired out by all the activities

Chowing down on a lamb chop

Bill takes a big bite

"I'll have some more!"

Striking a pose

A pensive moment

a laid-back moment

"We'll have some more, too!"

"You're still hungry, Zoe?"

Rufus, tuckered out by all the activity, finally gets a chance to rest at home.

Did someone call 911? Nickie and Zoe pose with the
officer, who confiscated a lamb chop before he left.

Dinner at the kids' table

Smiling faces everywhere...

Getting dinner ready

The guys relax

The crowd mills about in the kitchen

Hanging out in the living room