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Playing around at the Playground
On a hot, hot hot summer day, Zoe, Loucas, and Alex slide, swing, and climb their way through a playground near Yiayia's house.

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We Miss You, Pappou & Big Yiayia
It's been about a year since we last updated this site - a difficult year during which our family has lost two cherished members Zoe's Pappou and her Big Yiayia.

Loucas Constantine Tzanis,
Beloved husband, father of four, and grandfather of three. Pappou passed away on October 14, 2004 in Harrisburg, PA.

Images of Pappou and family
Pappou's obituary
Loucas C. Tzanis, M.D. Memorial Fund

Despina J. Apostolos,
Beloved mother of two, grandmother of seven, and great-grandmother of nine. Big Yiayia passed away on May 25, 2005 in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Images of Big Yiayia and family

Yiayia's House
Zoe and her cousins Alex & Loucas spend some time fooling around at Yiayia's house

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All Aboard!
Zoe and her cousins Alex & Loucas play with trains ... both big and small.

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Dinner at Effie's
In January, we celebrated Zoe's birthday — and said farewell to Thea Chrisanthi as she prepared to return to Greece — at Effie's.

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Xmas with Uncle Evan, Thea Nia & Maddie
The gang gathered at Uncle Evan and Thea Nia's
house to celebrate Xmas this year.

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Our Big Fat Greek Easter
Featuring LOTS of lamb roasting in the rain, spanikopita, tiropita, red eggs, and 27 close relatives...and what Greek Easter celebration would be complete without a visit from the local police?

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Portraits of the Artist
Zoe unleashes her creative side.

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Zoe and her cousins spend a weekend at Yiayia's house.

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A collection of photos from January and February 2004.

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Zoe and her folks travel to New York to spend a Happy Birthday weekend with her twin cousins and the rest of the gang.

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It's the first day of Winter...we guess Zoe must be too busy getting ready for Christmas to sit still for very many pictures.

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Ghoul's night out kept Zoe a buzzy girl on Halloween this year.

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Yiayia shows off her artistic side with her photographs of Zoe wearing her baptismal dress in Santorini.

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In September, Zoe took her first airplane trip to Greece to visit family, enjoy the scenery, and eat some tzatziki. Learn more about her trip on Zoe's Greece Page.

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Zoe's got A LOT of cousins... and she got to know a few more of them during her visit to Greece. Visit Zoe's cousins page to learn more about her extended family and to see some of her cousins' Web pages.

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Photos from Zoe's baptism on August 17, 2003. On this page you can also download the Program from the event to learn more about the Greek Orthodox baptism service.

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That's right, our girl is really talking now. Visit this page to hear Zoe say a few choice words.

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As regular visitors to the Zoe Chronicles will have already recognized, we are currently redesigning this site. New images and a new archiving system will be added soon, but in the meantime, you can still visit your favorite features and gallery pages by clicking on the archive features below.

Check back soon for more Greece pictures, new pictures, and never-before-published photos from Zoe's first 18 months as we continue to complete the site redesign.

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Happy Holidays!

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Zoe walks!!

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She's a big girl now!

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Zoe goes back to the big apple
for her first X-mas vacation.

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