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map-zoe-greece.gif (37318 bytes)Zoe says:
"Let's Learn


3dflag.gif (58856 bytes)Come celebrate
Greek Independence day
with Cousin Ilias!

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Hey, English speakers!
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Impress Zoe's Greek
relatives by singing
the Greek Happy
Birthday song

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Want to learn more? Check out the Greek/English dictionary.
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What's in a Name (Day)?

According to Greek Orthodox tradition, every day of the year is dedicated as the feast day of a Christian saint or martyr. Your "Name Day" celebration (nameday.gif (939 bytes)) is the feast day of the saint you are named after. In Greece, a person's Name Day is celebrated and is considered more important than a Birthday.

Did you know?

  • Zoe's name day is always the first Friday after Easter. Incidentally, this is the only Friday on which the church advises meat eating!

  • On a name day, the traditional greeting is nameday2.gif (1061 bytes) (HRO-nyah poh-LAH), which means "many years."