Last Updated: September 24, 2003

August 17, 2003

Download the program from Zoe's Baptism to learn more:

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- GreekOrthodoxBaptism.pdf (Size: 538K)

2. Word format: This file is designed to be printed  double-sided on standard pages and folded in half. Refer to the page numbers to see how to fold the brochure.  
- GREEK ORTHODOX BAPTISM-final3.doc (Size: 801K)

bap1.jpg (22277 bytes)
Zoe with godparents Uncle Evan (now Zoe's "no-NO") &
Thea Jo (now Zoe's "no-NA") at the beginning of the service

bap2.jpg (20782 bytes)
Yiayia helps prepare Zoe for the immersion.

bap3.jpg (18801 bytes)
Zoe takes the plunge.

bap4.jpg (17936 bytes)
Grandma and Yiayia help Zoe into her baptismal dress.

bap6.jpg (28755 bytes)
Grandma & Grandpa with Zoe and her Mom at the reception.

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