ADDIE Development Process

Online Course Development Process

Evaluation Phase

Evaluation of the experience is the last stage of the ADDIE model. It provides information that should be used in any modifications to the course. Evaluation is best done when an independent evaluator takes notes and details issues for resolution.

Evaluation can be both formative (done to impact the process as it is happening) and summative (done at the completion of the process). Both forms of evaluation are helpful in this model.


  • Documenting project
  • Testing
  • Validating
  • Conducting impact evaluation


  • Project manager
  • SME(s)
  • Instructional designer(s)
  • Project evaluator(s)
  • Programmer(s)


  • Documentation
  • Formative Evaluation Report
  • Effectiveness Eval. Report
  • Impact Evaluation Report


Unless indicated otherwise, these tools are in Word format.

  • User Interface Rating Form. The "User Interface" of an interactive instructional product is a critical element of the product that must be carefully evaluated. If the user interface is not well-designed, learners will have little opportunity to learn from the program. This rating form includes ten major criteria for assessing the user interface for an interactive program, such as "ease of use" and "screen design."

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