ADDIE Development Process

Online Course Development Process

Analysis Phase

The analysis phase seeks to determine:

  • Who your learners are
  • The overall goals you are trying to achieve
  • The overall knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that need to be taught
  • The amount and level of content needed
  • Resources required/available

You will notice that this stage mirrors the first few session of our course, in which we focused on definitions, goals of the instructional design process, and audience issues.


  • Assess needs & audience
  • Determine overall content and goals
  • Specify authoring and delivery systems
  • Plan overall project scope
  • Plan overall evaluation strategies


  • Administrator (person responsible for institutional/company vision for instruction)
  • Project manager
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Instructional designer(s)
  • Project evaluator(s)
  • Programmer(s)


  • Needs assessment report
  • Learner profile
  • Content outline
  • Learning hierarchy
  • Design approach
  • Technical specs.
  • Evaluation strategy
  • Project timetable


Unless indicated otherwise, these tools are in Word format.
  • Graphical Process Map-NYU. (Online image format) A graphical flowchart of the course-development process for content-rich courses in the Virtual College.
  • Sample Agenda. This is tool I adapt to perform both Analysis and Design. The entire process is good for a large course-development project for an institution/organization that has never created online courses before (usually in several meetings over 2-5 days). For a single course at an institution that has developed courses before, this could be done in less than a day.
  • User Characteristics Checklist. A clear description of the salient characteristics of the users.
  • Task/Content Analysis Tools. Used to define detailed content to be included, or for gross sequencing and segmenting of content. If your project is intended for training, conduct a "task analysis." If it is aimed at education/instruction on specific content or subject area, conduct a "content analysis."
  • Analysis Report Template. A tool designed to help you prepare a clear, readable, and concise presentation of the results of your analysis activities.

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