ADDIE Development Process

Online Course Development Process

Development Phase

The development stage of the ADDIE model deals with building the course itself. This stage focuses on putting the theories and questions to bed and creating concrete manifestations.

The tools in this area are helpful in the management of the multimedia development process as a whole and the actual production of the multimedia product.


  • Writing/Authoring interactions
  • Creating graphics
  • Preparing adjunct materials
  • Conducting preproduction
  • Conducting production
  • Conducting postproduction
  • Mastering optical media
  • Integrating optical media & code


  • Project manager
  • SME(s)
  • Instructional designer(s)
  • Project evaluator(s)
  • Coders/Programmer(s)
  • Graphic artist(s)
  • Video/Audio producer(s)
  • Talent (actors, models, etc. for stills, audio & video)


  • Web code
  • Interactive code
  • Graphics/Animations
  • Adjunct materials
  • Program documentation
  • Shot lists
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Course Web site


Unless indicated otherwise, these tools are in Word format.

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