ADDIE Development Process

Online Course Development Process

Implementation Phase

Implementation is the actual delivery and teaching of the course itself. The implementation requires that the elements of the learning environment be identified and teaching strategies developed.

The implementation stage should be based in a pedagogical theory that guides the delivery of the material. These theories should match the ones used in the development of the content.


  • Student enrollment & administration
  • Fulfillment/procurement of adjunct materials (software, hardware, texts)
  • Orientation to user interface/course
  • Instructor plans facilitation
  • Syllabus adjustment
  • Scheduling of synchronous elements
  • Facilitation of course
  • User/instructor support


  • Enrollment administrators & staff
  • Students
  • Administrative instructor liaison
  • Instructor/Facilitator
  • Technical user support personnel


  • Class roster and contact information
  • Instructor's facilitation plan
  • Instruction

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