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zoe.jpg (13840 bytes) zoe-dad200.jpg (12468 bytes)
The gang hags out after dinner at Aris & Chryssi's house in Athens.

yiayia-pappou-chryssi2.jpg (28902 bytes)
yiayia-pappou-chryssi.jpg (30914 bytes)
Chryssi poses with her Aunt and Uncle

Evanand Alex.jpg (25051 bytes)
An action shot of Evan and Alexandros at the ping-pong table.

slide.jpg (38589 bytes)
At Rifi, Dad and Zoe break out the slide as Mom looks on

Rifi.jpg (31599 bytes)
The rest of the group rests and chats after a swim

Rifi4.jpg (43706 bytes)
Rifi2.jpg (48955 bytes)
Rifi3.jpg (43317 bytes)
Trying out some poses in front of Rifi

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