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zoe-yia-papp.jpg (17433 bytes) hodio steps.jpg (18356 bytes)
The jet-setters at the airport; Dad & Zoe at Pappou's boyhood home.

1stday.jpg (24282 bytes)
After landing in Athens, Mom & Zoe pose at Gelly and Nefeli's house

acroppolis.jpg (21908 bytes)
Dad & Zoe at the Acropolis.

barefoot1.jpg (9246 bytes) barefoot2.jpg (7904 bytes)
Zoe posed barefoot in her baptismal dress all around Greece

phone.jpg (29165 bytes)
Yiayia on her cell (as usual)

tomatokeftedas.jpg (25888 bytes)
Hanging out in Kamari

skyroducks.jpg (22267 bytes)
Examining the ducks at the beach in Skiros

rifibeach.jpg (32465 bytes)
Playing in the sand at Rifi

platanos.jpg (21453 bytes)
Zoe and Dad take a moment to rest

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