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Yiayia & Pappou
Mom & Dad

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Dad, Mom, and Thea Jo visit with Theo Vasili, Thea Nitsa, and Petrula

While Uncle George didn't seem overwhelmed by the city's ancient beauty, Yiayia was thrilled by the "mile-high" pastry from Despina's bakery.

Speaking of beauties, Helen of Troy didn't have nothing on Helen of Harrisburg and her nieces, Gelly and Chryssi.

At Chryssi & Aris's house, the gang suprised
Theo Vasili with a birthday cake

While Aris and Alexandros try to pose, Bruno refuses to be
left out of the picture

Pappou & his brother relax and chat after the meal

Cousin Eriko & Eleni stop by for a quick visit

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